ayurveda  at wellness tea therapy 

AYURVEDA  Treatment & Water Demo 
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NEXT day available is.  6/19/2021,    12pm~ 3pm 

at Wellness Tea Therapy in Brooklyn
525 Nostrand Ave, BROOKLYN NY 11216

Ayurvedic mini facial 30 min   $75 
You can experience Relaxing, Calm energy and your skin will achieve amazing growth ,
This special facial and massage with Natural herb and essential oil. 
And Drinking Special Japanese water to clean your intestine.


Ayurvedic Head massage 15 min $35
Release Tension (& Move Lymph) with a Daily Ayurvedic Head Massage. This vigorous marma point scalp scrub releases tension, enlivens you, and moves lymph. Volume 90%.
And Drinking Special Japanese water to clean your intestine. 
Japanese Special Water Seminar 3:00 pm ~ 4:00 pm
You can drink and learning about this miracle water 

appointment by
Hitomi Okamoto 
NY Licensed Esthetician 
Ayurveda Therapist