Ayurvevic Facial & B.Light  Therapy



60 Minutes $150 at house in front of the Botanical garden brooklyn house
(additional $100 for in house treatment at your house)


Now special back to NY promotion: 5/20~9/6 
only $100

Ayurvedic natural herb, oil is applied to the face and neck.
Skin will be rejuvenated and relaxed. Stress and tension, such as in the sholulders, neck,face, and head, will be massaged.

After that rececive Special natural machine B.Light therapy for 8 min.

Benefits: This soothing therapy offers relief from insomnia.This therapy promotes peace and tranquility and high levels of alertness and concentraration. Moreover, it has a cooling effect on the eyes and prevents headaches.
Grow Skin amazingly,,,,good for anti aging !



NY Licensed Esthetician   :    Hitomi Okamoto

Learning study Ayurveda New York and India Since 2001.
NY Esthetic Licensed since 2004.
Focus health and healing and skin care